Casey's Corner (Main Street)
Jenn's review: If you're in the mood for a theme park classic, Casey's Corner hits the spot. Serving all-beef hot dogs with a variety of toppings in shareable sizes, this restaurant is likely to be one of your lesser priced QS meals and a tasty one too. The view of the fireworks isn't bad from the outdoor tables either.
Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace (Tomorrowland)
Jenn's review: The view is great - unobstructed if you're at the railing. The best tables are tables for 2 - right up front. We didn't have to leave our seats for our view (except briefly when someone stood right in front of us). The bulk of the fireworks are off to the right of the castle rather than over it. Tinkerbell flies right toward you and lands over your head. The desserts were so-so to good (some very good but not in a gourmet knock your socks off way). There was ice cream, cannolis, tiramisu, white and dark chocolate covered strawberries (not much flavor in the chocolate), chocolate dipped rice krispie treats, mini cupcakes, chocolate-peanut butter "thingies", some sort of cream dessert with a strawberry sauce on top, cheese cubes and crackers. They also served liquid chocolate (not sure whether it was truly hot chocolate or not but we weren't in the mood for a hot drink in the warm temps) and sparkling cider for a toast while standing in line. The other drinks included water, milk, and too many sweet options (lemonade, punch, etc.). So the big question everyone wants to know ... is it "worth it?" I unfortunately can't answer that for you but for me, no. If I ate $79 worth of desserts, I'd be sick, hyper, or both. LOL Most parents probably don't want their kids eating their "money's worth" of desserts either. The uncrowded view (especially from the comfort of your table if you're lucky enough to get one of those and other guests are considerate enough to not stand in front of you) is worth a premium but the steep price they're charging now? That's tough for me to swallow. While I don't advocate taking Tupperware to a buffet and loading up for later, I would seriously consider taking a small Ziploc bag with you to this one to take a few things with you. Like I said, you just can't eat $79 worth of mini desserts in an hour. What you see in the photo is what I ate - one dessert plate of mini desserts. Back in the room hours later, I wouldn't mind a second mini cannoli or the like and for $79, I think I should be able to take a couple to go.
Behind the Seeds (EPCOT)
Nicolette's review: This is a must do for anyone that is interested in farming or gardening or even for someone like me who can pretty much kill any plant I see haha. The tour guide is happy to answer any and all questions you many have and really explains the different systems so anyone can understand. Let me just tell you that what they are able to grow and produce in the Land is incredible. My personal favorite plant is affectionately named Stanley and “he” will completely wilt with just a simple touch. This tour even kept the attention of the children in our group but I would say it is probably best for children that are a bit older and not the super young crowd.
Caring for Giants (Animal Kingdom)
Nicolette's Review: The tour begins by going backstage and boarding a lovely, air conditioned bus and journeying over to the elephant area. Photos & videos are not allowed while on the bus/backstage but once you arrive to the viewing area, you can take as many photos & videos as you wish. The cast members are very knowledgeable and provide great information about the animals and the measures being taken to help end the senseless killing of these beautiful creatures. This is a short, informative, amazing experience for any animal lover (especially elephant lovers). I would not necessarily recommend it for little ones though as we had one tiny princess with us and she was not really interested at all. This would be great for older children & adults. There is very minimal walking and some stairs but nothing too strenuous.