Travel - It's a Social Thing

I have jokingly said that life is the sum of your Facebook posts, but is it really far off from the truth? It may not be Facebook literally, particularly if you’re aged 18-35 which is officially the Instagram age group, but social media in general is where life plays out these days. Sometimes it’s all about gripes, political or otherwise, but by and large, it’s our best selves on display. Sometimes that may mean a bit of embellishing, and there’s no shortage of memes spoofing the perfect Facebook life.

The old adage about the tree falling in the woods could officially be updated to if an event occurs and it isn’t on social media, did it really happen? What’s responsible for the social media greatest hits photos of our lives? In a hashtag, #FOMO. For those of you close to my age who may be wondering what that means, it’s Fear Of Missing Out. It’s powerful! For every person bragging, sharing, promoting - whatever the motivation may be - on social media, there are numerous followers logging extra items on their bucket list so they too can have the same experience (and likewise document it on social media LOL). I mean, has a year gone by since the invention of Facebook that you and everyone you know haven’t posted first day of school pictures? Have you taken a trip to anywhere, possibly even the grocery store, without posting or at least “checking in?” On a recent trip to a train garden, there was signage specifically encouraging and requesting patrons to check in on Facebook. It’s the most powerful free advertising out there!

What does all this mean for the travel industry? Everything. FOMO and social media are officially the #1 driver of leisure travel today. Wow. I’m not condemning it - merely pointing out the facts because I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I do. Ultimately though, I think that anything that drives you to see and do more things with your family and friends (or even on your own) is a good thing. Whether or not life is a collection of Facebook photos, it is a collection of experiences and memories, far more than any “things” that you may own throughout your life. Collect them, share them, indulge them, enjoy them! Oh and hey, don’t forget to check out my travels on Facebook and here on our website! <wink>

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