Is my child old enough for Disney World?

A couple of questions we're often asked ... What's the best age to go to Disney/Should I wait til my child is __ yrs old? Also, is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique worth it? The answer to the first question is simple - there is no perfect age. Every child is different and every parent is too. I know that some people want to wait until they're confident their child can remember the experience, but I've never really agreed with that. My daughter's first trip was at 3 1/2. She may or may not remember snippets from that trip, but she sure did enjoy it! And as parents, it was pure magic. The unfiltered joy on a child's face is just ... indescribable. Hubby and I had this "will she remember" conversation before deciding to go at that age. I am so glad we did! Whether she truly remembers or not, the pictures and videos we took preserve those memories, even the ones we forget.

As for the Boutique ... I'm truly not the biggest proponent for it because the boutique in the castle is so ridiculously tiny and the cost is fairly ridiculous for what you get; however, I'd do it again in a heartbeat for her first trip. Now at 11, you couldn't pay her to do it, but at that moment in time, it was magical! You can't really put a price on that. From a more objective perspective, Pirate's League is the much better bang for the buck and an even more immersive experience (my daughter far preferred it after her first Boutique visit), but for first visits with little princess lovers, yeah, it's worth it.

So what exactly should you expect for a visit to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? The first thing to know is that the woman working with your child is a "fairy godmother in training." Any questions you ask her will be from that perspective. Disney costumed cast members never break character! Back when my daughter first attended, they really shellacked the hair into place for those tight little princess buns. So much so, the bun would literally last for days. That shellacking took a fair amount of time too. While I'm not sure of the reason, they no longer use as much gel. Perhaps it was because it was such a pain to get out when you finally just had to wash it. Regardless, don't expect the hairdo to last for days anymore. The little bun with mini crown comb remains my favorite, but you do have others to choose from including Disney diva and color star. I think the Fairytale Princess (bun) will always make for the best photographs - it's just a classic.

The starting price as of this writing is $64.95 plus tax, which gets you the hairstyle of your choice, shimmering make-up and face gem, princess sash and cinch sack, and nail polish. This is called the Crown Package. You can go up in price from there if you'd like attire with your makeover. How high can you go? Well, the Deluxe Castle Package starts at $450, although I've never encountered anyone whose done it. Not to be forgotten, boys can also participate with a Knight Package, although I'd suggest Pirate's League over this by far. Also worth noting, your price doesn't include tip, which must be in cash.

What are your thoughts?

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