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In a poll I did awhile back in one of my Facebook travel groups, it was pretty clear that most of my audience favor land travel to sea travel. And in fact, in the traveling population at large, over 80% have never cruised. That's pretty staggering. For some it may be fear of seasickness (been there!), for some it may be wanting to visit a single destination rather than several ... I'm sure there's a plethora of reasons. But here's another interesting fact. 80% of those who have cruised want to cruise again. Moral of the story ... Cruising isn't what it used to be (not that it was ever a bad thing), and it's gaining in popularity for a reason. Whether it's a river cruise or an ocean cruise, cruising is like spending a week or more at an amazing resort, but with new sights to see every day or so. Some people actually cruise just to cruise - they don't even care about visiting the destinations. I can't personally comprehend that unless it's someplace I've been multiple times, but to each his own. Where else can you ride go karts or bumper cars, play unlimited mini golf, climb a rock wall, watch Broadway style shows, ice skate and see ice skating shows, ride a water slide, practice your surfing skills, try out iFly skydiving, take a cooking class, and so much more all in one price?

Still a land lover? Maybe try a cruisetour. Yeah, that's a thing. I'm not talking land & sea here like you might do with a Disney cruise and visiting Disney World, bundled together simply because the dates are contiguous. Alaska is famous for cruisetours, for example - carefully crafted itineraries by renowned travel suppliers like Princess or Royal Caribbean, that take you from ship to shore for an extended stay that's seamless. Whether it's enjoying a nature tour through the wilderness of Alaska before retiring in your luxurious lodge, or watching the sunrise over Chichen Itza after cutting through the beautiful Caribbean waters in supreme nautical style, cruisetours are a marvelous marriage of travel styles. Still unsure? Dip your toe into the figurative and literal waters with a short cruise. These are commonly offered from various Florida ports to the Bahamas. Often dubbed "new to cruise" adventures, they're an ideal way to sample all that cruising has to offer with nary a full day at sea.

When we talk river cruising, not only is your food included and your accommodations luxurious, but all of your excursions are included too. There's just something about laying on your bed and watching the castles go by as you glide down the Rhine. I say glide because cruising a river is like gliding on glass. River cruises are offered in domestic and international destinations. These barge style ships are perfect for the traveler who wants a commanding view, demands a higher standard in service and accommodations, and wants to wander the world in style and comfort. Immersive, customizable, adventurous, intimate ... You simply can't beat it. Maybe it's time to try something new and set sail, no?

Photo taken from my bed on the Avalon Tapestry.

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