It's the Year of Random Upgrades!

Last year, Nicolette and I started a tradition of creating a theme for the year. I love a new year and all the promise and possibility it offers. It's a great time for a fresh start, a new endeavor, and to just plain celebrate! We have a lot to celebrate thanks to our wonderful clients. We ended 2018 as the top booking team in our award-winning agency again. We've made lots of progress on this very website, which has been a fairly long time in the making. And I've finally committed myself to the areas I want to branch out in, simply because I love to wander the world, not just Disney and Universal. Be sure to check out the Other Destinations page to learn more about that.

There's plenty to look forward to on the horizon too. From new resorts at both Disney and Universal to new rides at both (anyone heard of a certain little Star Wars project <wink>), to more ways to bring you news, tips, and a bit of travel eye candy, there's an exciting year ahead. For our part, we're now officially on Pinterest, we're blogging more regularly, and both Instagram and our new YouTube channel will be launching imminently. Now how about those upgrades?...

We love all of our existing clients and we want to give back to those who make the jobs we love possible. We're super proud of our impeccable service record, but if you're not among our existing clients, we want to hear from YOU this year! Our service isn't just for first timers or for those who don't like to plan the details of their vacations. Our clients come from all different budgets, interests, ages, and level of help desired. We're confident that if you book with us once, you'll be a client for life. The comparison below makes it pretty clear that working with a TA is a free upgrade in itself, but we're going a step further for 2019 ... Throughout 2019, we will award random free upgrades! It could be anything and it could be on any trip (not just WDW and not even just Disney - remember, we can take you virtually anywhere). It could be an in-room surprise gift, a photo pkg at Universal, a room category upgrade, a spa credit at a Caribbean resort, a Rainforest Pass with DCL, etc.). These are just examples. No one will know who or when ... they'll be random throughout the year. We'll share some of them here and in our Facebook group as we do them.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get planning your next magical vacation!

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