Incredible New Experiences at Hollywood Studios

Ready for an ooey gooey new surprise during your next Disney World vacation? The popular num num cookies from the west coast have made their way east to Hollywood Studios. Actually, it's more than just a big cookie. It's the thickness of a tart which leaves a lot of room for ooey gooeyness. This isn't the only item on the menu at the brand new Pixar Place Neighborhood Bakery. Read on...

Remember where the Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway was, just outside the old entrance to Toy Story Mania? It's now the Neighborhood Bakery, right in the midst of the new Incredible Celebration and Super Shindig featuring a variety of Incredibles characters. Woody's and Buzz's old digs have been converted to a Municiberg city block where you can dance with your favorite Incredibles characters. And speaking of characters, we all know behind every super is a great designer. You can now meet the fabulous Edna Mode, dahlings!

Back to the new menu items ... Talk about a sugar rush! In addition to the num num cookies, you'll find:

  • Key Lime Pie on a Stick (a frozen treat with a crunchy sweet coating)

  • Apple Cobbler

  • Mask Pretzel with Cheese

  • Popcorn

  • Frozone Slush (Fanta blue raspberry with whipped cream and pop rocks topping)

  • Secret Identity (Frozen Coke with cherry cotton candy topping)

All of these items are snack credit eligible on the dining plans. You can also get souvenir Incredibles or Pixar Luxo Lamp & Ball straws for $4 (or a snack credit on its own).

Not snack credit eligible is the Incredible Hero Sandwich, which is a grab 'n' go type item with Italian meats and cheese and an olive tapenade on a hero roll served with chips. This item should be quick service meal credit eligible though.

What are you most excited to try?

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