Afternoon Tea in Grand Style

In honor of the warm & fuzzy feelings that warm weather, Disney, and Valentine’s Day bring, Jenn and I will each be sharing with you our Top 5 favorite activities or things to enjoy while at Disney! This week is my week, and to kick it off, I am going to start with the Afternoon Tea over at the Grand Floridian. My husband and I love tea so we added this onto our belated honeymoon trip back in 2015 and absolutely loved it!! This tea service can be quite lengthy (2-3 hours), as it is meant to be a relaxing break in the middle of the day, so I think this is a perfect experience during a non-park day. Do not worry about the tea getting cold during this lengthy service either. The tea pots come covered with a velvet type bag that traps in the heat so every cup is nice and hot. Dressing up is NOT required but you will see many of the guests in a bit nicer outfits for the most part (sun dresses, polos, khakis, etc).

So you are probably wondering what do you get with this Afternoon tea? Well there are different services that are offered depending on what you are interested in as well as what you are interested in paying. Since it was a big trip for us, we did the Berkshire Tea that included caviar as one of the “courses”. The caviar was wonderful, if you like caviar, and just the right amount to share. The next course included a large tier of goodies. The fruit and cheese on the top tier was tasty but I have yet to find a fruit or cheese I do not like so that is not saying much LOL. The tea sandwiches were the perfect small bites and some of them were cut in half so we each got our own. The best sandwiches were the watercress & cream cheese and then the curried chicken salad one. They were strong in flavor so a little bite was just the right amount. The biscuits and tarts were wonderful because they had a hint of sweetness but nothing too sweet. The clotted cream was, by far, the best thing out of the entire meal though! My husband said he probably would have liked to try it too but I ate both of our portions myself, oops! 😉 The last “course” was your choice of strawberries & cream (pictured above) or an English trifle. Both were again not very sweet but paired wonderfully with the tea.

This truly was an incredible experience and perfect for a romantic trip, mother/daughter trip, or even a fun experience with the kiddos. I would say due to the lengthy nature of the tea service, it probably is not best for little ones, since it could be super boring for them, but they are definitely welcome if you wish to do it.

This experience can be booked at the same time as dining, 180 days out, and is NOT due in full at time of booking.

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