Arrr Favorite Thing at Magic Kingdom

For day 2 of my 5 Disney favorites, we're headed to Magic Kingdom. Although I don't typically recommend it for first timers because it takes a little extra time and because there's already plenty to see and do in MK, Treasure of the Seven Seas is a must-do IMO for Disney veterans. What I have always loved most about Disney in general are the details. Whether it's the key under the mat in HS, the intentionally crooked shutters in Liberty Square, or the music lessons down the side street, I love those little Disney extras that go unnoticed by most guests. It does take at least a couple of trips to delve a bit deeper into the Disney details and to really appreciate the little nuances, but they really are what set Disney apart.

Treasure of the Seven Seas is a scavenger hunt that allows you to see the thematic scenery of MK in a whole new light you never knew existed - that's pure Disney magic. You may have walked by the scenery in this video a dozen times, but without playing the game, you'd never know that it talks, lights up, and things actually move. How cool is that?! Yes, it's the little things that excite me. LOL The looks on people faces nearby when you activate one of the clues are priceless.

After you sign up by tapping your magic band at the little hut on the border of Adventureland and Frontierland, you'll get a map for your first quest. There are 5 possible quests that you can do. If you want the free Pirates of the Caribbean fastpasses (nice perk!), you'll need to complete 3 of the quests. How long each quest will take you depends on how good you are at reading maps and how observant you are when finding the little triggers for your magic band. You will tap your band at the trigger points to activate the scenery and get your next clue. I would say you should be able to complete 3 quests within about 60-90 minutes. All of the quests take place entirely in Adventureland, and you should expect to have to zig zag rather than move through in a linear fashion. So if you're not up for a lot of walking around the same land, it may not be for you. But if you love finding those little Disney detail treasures, this one is my favorite among the scavenger hunt type games offered at Disney World and we love a good game!

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