One of Arrr Favorites!

I am way late for day 4 of my 5 Disney favorites! A variety of things derailed my day yesterday but better late than never I always say. My pick today is Pirate's League at Magic Kingdom. I know a lot of people love and/or aspire to a visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the castle, and it's certainly a cute and unique experience, but having done both multiple times, I can honestly say I prefer the Pirate's League. It's an added benefit that it's a bit cheaper than the boutique and there's no upper age limit. That's right, adults can do it too. While I haven't personally had the makeover done, my husband has. I signed him up as a surprise the first time, because we were going to the Halloween party that night, and he wasn't super excited about it initially. LOL Once he did it though, he loved it! He got a kick out of having kids ask him if he was really Jack Sparrow all evening.

My formerly princess and mermaid loving daughter also prefers Pirate's League to the boutique, not that it's a competition by any means, but I know many people choose one or the other or aren't sure how their girls might feel about it. The reason we prefer it is it's just so immersive. There's more interaction between the staff and the guests at Pirate's League, and they're all so good about being in character. They make it fun for kids and adults alike. You also have a wide variety of makeovers to choose from with a variety of budgets. You don't have to be a pirate at all - you can be a mermaid. But for pirates, you can of course go the Jack Sparrow route, perhaps a first mate (different types), or even a pirate empress (what my daughter's done).

When you enter the Pirate's League, the first thing they'll do is determine your pirate name in a most ceremonious way. I won't give away all the details but it's all part of the experience and what makes it unique. That name will come back into play as you leave because you'll receive a fairly large parchment of the pirate's creed with your pirate name on it. It's a great frame-worthy keepsake. And speaking of keepsakes, you get a nice array of them as part of your experience. You'll receive a pirate medallion necklace (metal, not plastic which is a nice touch), eye patch, bandana, the official sash, a plastic sword, your leftovers from the makeover (nail polish and face adornments), and temporary tattoo. On your way out, you'll also go into Jack Sparrow's study for a little photo shoot. If you have Memory Maker, these photos are of course included.

The setting is just perfect. It's relatively dimly lit and the decor is spot on to make you feel like you're below deck in a pirate ship. The attention to details is incredible. I really don't have a single complaint about this activity; even the price isn't outrageous for the one-of-a-kind experience. If you're going to do it, I recommend doing it early in the day so you get to enjoy the makeover longer - it will all wash off in the shower of course.

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