"I can hardly express how wonderful every aspect of our vacation was and it is almost fully due to [Jenn's] meticulous planning. I've already thrown your name out to several friends and will continue to do so. We loved each park and the VIP access you were able to put into each stop. I've experienced Disney 4 times and this was certainly the most magical. I'm sure some of that had to do with the magic in my own children's eyes. The dining package was something I would've never splurged on but was an experience we will never forget. We'll be talking soon!! God bless your business! You have a great gift and I'm thankful you have shared it with our family!" - Rachel M.


"We enjoyed booking with you because you were so knowledgable about the different plans, discounts and resorts. You also shared some money saving tricks to help us prepare for the trip. Since we booked with you, you have continued to give us guidance on how to make our trip magical. :)" - Jennifer N.


"You have provided me some "worry free" planning. You are very knowledgable about the resorts - and where we should stay for what we wanted. You gave me tips on some resturants - and then made the reservations for me (HUGE BONUS!). And I have just sat back and relaxed!" - Tracy V.


"The time you spent with me on the phone to help me decide on a resort and ADRs and special things I could do for Laila was AWESOME! I hung up thinking this lady knows her stuff. You are also extremely patient as i waver back and forth on my plans over and over.  I also love your page and all the time you put into giving us new tips and ideas and contests! It's comforting to know that I have an expert I can contact if I need help with any of the planning." - Christina A.


"We had a very nice trip and everything went well.  Your selections for character meals and FastPasses helped us do many memorable things every day.  We used your tips for strollers and for the crystals during the 3D movie - great idea ... No plans yet to return but maybe in 2016.  I've got your number and will call again." - Terry M.


"I could not have asked for a better person to assist us in the planning of our very first Disney vacation.  Jenn had wonderful suggestions for daily park visits, dining suggestions and tips to make it a smooth vacation.  I often wonder when she sleeps, as she was always available whether it was via text, or phone.  My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip all thanks to this fabulous person.  We will be using her to plan our next trip as well!" - Emilie H.


"Jenn Cain is very insightful and full of wonderful ideas.  Our reservations were complicated and she worked her Disney magic.  She is always on top of things.  We will be booking with her from now on." - Becky P.


"I just want to say that I have heard horror stories about people working with TA's. I could not have been more happier in regards to my experience with Jenn Cain!!! I will never book a Disney vacation without using her! She helped my family plan everything from my everyday schedule to different dining suggestions. She also came up with great activites for my kids that you dont really think about! Anytime I had a question, I would message her and I would always get a very fast response. I dont think Jenn ever actually sleeps! So, all in all, she is a superhero!" - Ashley S.


"This is my second time that my family and I are going to Disney World in October. Last year was so magical that we decided to book again with Jenn. She is truly amazing and she has so much knowledge. I am a crazy planner and she has answered any and every thing. I just wanted to be a testimonial for any one who is trying to decide on doing this themselves or having help. Having Jenn on your team will ensure that you're informed and have every thing planned to a T. Thank you for being so amazing. I can't wait for October." - Laura L.


"We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and perfect planning. Just this evening I sent my niece a text telling her I wish we were still in Disney! ... Everyone had a great time. Of course we are all a little tired but well worth it for sure!  I can't even imagine how we would have been able to plan even half of our trip without your help. We were blessed when Cara found you!!! John and I wanted this trip to be something special for our kids and you made it happen! Thank you again for everything. Oh yes, the cake was wonderful and definitely an added surprise ... You helped make our trip extra magical!!" - Paula C.


"I laugh when I read about people having a bad trip to Disney World and think about how amazing ours was, thanks to you." - Emilie H.


"We are back from our trip and wanted to send a HUGE thank you your way!! Our trip was wonderful (aside from the monorail/travel debacles) and we so appreciate everything you did to make it a stress-free trip!  The fast passes were perfect, our characcter meals were fantastic and everything went very smoothly thanks to you! Olivia LOVED the jewel and actually has it downstairs with her now... she is taking it to show-and-tell on Monday :)" - Katie D.


"We are so very thankful for your help.  We, especially me, loved all the little extras that you set up!  You were a pleasure to work with and when we plan our next trip you will be the first person I call!!!!" - Mary H.


"We had a wonderful time.  It was a dream vacation, everything was perfect.  Thank you so much for all the planning you did for us.  The dinner at rose and crown was beyond words, we asked for a patio seat, and had front row seats to Illuminations.  Wow! Amazing!  Glad to be home but feeling a little sad to leave all the warm weather and magic behind.  Brought home some disney snacks to enjoy at home.  Thank you again, you blessed us beyond words.  I have already recommended you to some family members that are planning on going in a few years." - Amy M.


"Thank you so much for all of your help with our Disney vacation. It was my kid's first trip and mine and my husband's first time in about 30 years. It couldn't have been more perfect! Your restaurant suggestions were great and my kids (especially my boys which shocked me) think I am the best thing ever since I "caught" the jewel at Mickey's Philarmagic Show  Thanks again for your help. I am already trying to figure out when we can go again." - Claire G.


"I can see why you have grown so quickly and think it speaks volumes about your love and passion in helping others make Disney dreams happen.  Very well deserved!!! ... All my friends that have booked trips have been amazed how much help you have provided us!  Girl I would have been lost without you!  Really!!!" - Meranda T. 


"Thank you Jenn for helping to plan the best vacation ever for our little princess! From beginning to end the trip was fabulous and all of your tips and insight were such a help to making this a perfect trip!!!!" - Katie H.


"Thank you so much for everything you helped us with!!!! We had the most magical time and it was by far our favorite family vacation ever!!!! We just had sooooo much fun and I know now why you do this for a living!!! That place is so magical!!! Lucy was such a trooper and only napped once the entire time :)!  She was in complete awe of everything and we were just as big of kids ourselves, if not more.  We will definitely be planning another trip back someday in the future.  Lucy thinks it will be next month...ha ha!!! Thanks again for helping us create life long memories!!!" - Meranda T.


"Thank you so so much for all your amazing help!! Our vacation was awesome! Loved it all!! We appreciate your help so much with this...we would have been running circles to figure it all out. Thanks again!" - Kim A.


"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work making our family vacation the best trip ever! We had an amazing time. Our rooms at hard rock were adjoining and gorgeous. Then my daughter's room at sports was in the perfect location. Our villa at SS was amazing! Clean, right by the pool & buses & not far from the main house. Everything went so smoothly, between our dining reservations and our FP's. You've restored my faith in TA's! You will definitely be my go to for anything Disney or Universal! P.S. on a side note, I got to witness my future son in law propose to my daughter in front of cinderellas castle! Thanks again for making our vacation so perfect!" - Robin K.


"Thank you so much for everything you did to make our vacation special!! We will definitely recommend you to anybody we know that wants to go to Disney and if we ever go again, we will for sure be in contact with you again!!" - Jenny M.


"Thanks! Best planned vacation ever. You did a marvelous job planning for all nine of our family members to enjoy every moment of our time together. My niece Melissa made sure our every wish was realized in all the parks we visited. The only thing I had to work on was which direction I was driving on Route 4. Usually it was the opposite way I needed to go. Loved seeing & being with my family. Thank you so much" - Karen S.


"I can't say enough wonderful things.  Everything was perfect.    The timing of each day with meals and fast passes were awesome.  We were never running around!   My daughter asked when she gets to go back!  You have a customer for life!   Our two newest favorite restaurants were Garden Grill and Brown Derby!   Thank you again for all of your hard work putting together a magical week!  I also wore the bag all week!  Perfect size!" - Gina F.

A small sampling of our client testimonials ...